Senior High Math

First off, please let me make it very clear that if your child is in an academic math (any dash "1 or C" course) this year, they are going to be very busy. The amount of concepts needing to be covered will almost ensure that they will have homework on a nightly basis. I should note that it is not expected that they spent hours upon hours on math. They should be realistically spending 30-50 mins max. If your student is spending more than this on most given nights we might need to talk about taking a different course. Most students might want to also consider a personal tutor to help cement any concepts that they don't understand. Students have all been given the Absolute Values Publication for their work text.


Generally speaking, most school divisions will have a minimum of 65% recommendation for mathematics. For example in order to enter grade 10-C it is recommended that students receive a 65% in grade 9 or on the grade 9 PAT. If a student want to continue on the highest academic stream in math than a 65% would be recommended. Students must receive a a minimum of 50% to move on to the next grade level.


Your child will receive grades this year in 4 ways: Homework completion, quizzes, unit tests and final exam. 

Homework Completion: Students will be asked to compete homework regularly throughout the course. They will be provided the answers to every assignment so they can check their answers as the work through the work. As a result their homework is graded based on whether or not the have attempted the questions. Students may have questions unanswered if they do not understand a concept or a couple of items and still receive a complete mark. We will go over their questions in class. Students will receive an incomplete mark if no attempt was made, or if their homework in not present in class when due or if the student is absent. Absent students can change their grade by presenting their completed homework on the next school day they are present or if away for an extended period may email a homework confirmation to me to receive a completion.

Quizzes: Quizzes take place after a couple of lessons have gone over. The quizzes are usually two to four questions going over the material covered in the lessons.

Unit Finals: At the end of the unit the students will write a unit final exam covering everything covered for the unit. 

Final Exam: Covering the entire term's material.


Please be reminded that absent students will receive an incomplete or failing grade until they make up the missing grade the next day they return to regular classes. Arrangements can be made to write or complete at later date but it is up to the student to talk to me on the first day they return to class.